The Perks Of Online Coaching

It is no secret that with the increased use of technology which gives us access to apps such as Skype, Facebook, Instagram etc. Online Coaching is becoming far more accessible and far more popular than your traditional one on one coaching. It has the same benefits as one on one coaching with the additional benefits being affordability and easier communication outlets which lead to extended accountability and support.

Affordability is a huge benefit of online coaching as its cost in comparison to private in person coaching is pretty marginal! Online coaching has increasingly become a great option to get a full fitness program with all the support you need if you aren’t quite in a position to commit financially to private in person coaching.

In addition accountability and motivation are also huge benefits of online coaching as it is just as frequent as if you were to meet with someone privately a few times per week. Especially here at Studio 14! We are able to see your entire program and progress from a birds eye view which allows us to hold you accountable and support you just as much as in person. You will receive regular check-in messages as well as regular progress check ups throughout the week, ensuring that you are staying on track and getting the results that you're looking for.

Furthermore, online coaching also gives you the flexibility and freedom you require to fit your workouts into your daily schedule. This flexibility allows you to take your workouts that we create for you almost anywhere as we can design full programs for your home or the gym. Unlike private in person sessions you wont be restricted to mold your schedule to your coaches schedule which makes fitting your workouts into your schedule easier and less stressful than ever before!

Lastly, the best part of online coaching is the open communication channels that are always open. Whether it be through email, calls, texts or instant messaging with our all inclusive app you can contact your coach whenever you need! Any fitness program is all about accountability and support and that's exactly what online coaching!

Interested? Give us a shout today to learn more and to speak with one of us today! :)