Master your daily schedule

First step to any type of success whether it be your fitness goals, your career etc. is first having a plan in place. Too often we experience our clients just free styling their day leaving them no structure and utter chaos most days. A goal with no deadline in sight is merely a thought. It is so important to take control of your day and plan as much as possible. You must look at your daily schedule more so as a daily checklist in order to conquer your day. Reasons being most people tend to forget small but important tasks each day that could propel them forward. In addition when you have your daily schedule set, it is much, much easier to jump back on track if you were to fall off, which like most of us happens from time to time. Furthermore, most feel their day is jam-packed with responsibilities leaving them no time for themselves and other important tasks. In actuality they have much more time than they think. Writing out and planning your day allows you to see your schedule from a birds eye view which simplifies our lives greatly. Above all things however, planning your days means you are in control of your schedule! The more we control our days, the more we are able to get the things we need done to ensure our success and happiness. Remember progress = happiness. It is when we feel that progress is stagnant that we feel at our lowest! Here is a list of things that are of the upmost importance to anyone trying to master their schedule and reach the peak of happiness.

  1. Weekly workout routine

  2. Work schedule

  3. Time for hobbies you enjoy

  4. Time for reading and development

  5. Time with friends and loved ones

  6. Enough time for sleep

  7. Meal prepping & planning

  8. Alone time which allows for mental clarity and brainstorming

  9. Managing finances

Remember your most important tasks should take precedent on your schedule to prevent you from burning and wasting time. It is so easy to get distracted with meaningless tasks such as social media which most Americans spend 3-4 hours of their day using.The less you plan, the more you waste. Budgeting your time wisely is the most important thing you can ever master in life! Now get to it!

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